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Leaders in our community series 

WHAT: The Leaders in our Community Series is a plethora of community service events sponsored by PLS to help you develop your leadership skills in the community setting. 


WHO: These events are hosted in collaboration with our student organizations and UIC COP departments as part of the series. 


WHY: Not all leaders have titles; leaders also lead with their actions as well. As a result, the Leaders in our Community Series offers students an opportunity to actively become leaders in our surrounding neighborhoods by participating in community outreach events. 


HOW: Requirements to receive the Leaders in our Community Certificate: 


  1. Attendance of at least 3 PLS-sponsored community events throughout the school year.

  2. Short essay on leadership and community outreach 

WHERE: Events will be advertised as having ‘PLS Credit’ or being ‘PLS-sponsored’. Qualifying students will receive the Leaders in our Community Certificate and be recognized at the Annual Student Pharmacist Leadership Ceremony in the spring. 

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